About The Brandd Group

Suit Saver was scientifically developed by scientists at Solmar Corporation in St Augustine Beach, Florida, in 1992 after years of listening to people who complained about the damaging effect that chlorine had on their swimwear. Chlorine and the odour lingers in swimwear because it is difficult to remove even after rinsing in fresh water. The chlorine continues to have a damaging effect on swimwear as long as it is present.

After years of research, scientists at Solmar Corporation launched a substance, which removed 99.9% of chlorine and its odour from swimwear and called it Suit Saver. For the past 17 years this product has been distributed throughout the USA and Canada and in 2009 Suit Saver was the number one ranked product in the USA Swimwear Industry for protecting swimwear against the ravages of chlorine.

Suit Saver is now available and distributed in Australia and New Zealand exclusively by The BRANDD Group.

The BRANDD Group is a family business with years of first hand experience in the damaging effects of Chlorine on swimwear.

The family grew up with a swimming pool in their backyard and members of the family swam competitively from the ages of 6 to masters, at times training up to 6-8 sessions a week. Over the journey countless bathers were thrown out when the colours faded and the elasticity disappeared.

The family also operated and continues to operate a swimwear and lingerie store. This allowed them to see the effect chlorine had on other families outside the competitive world of swimming. Customers often returned swimwear after just two or three weeks wear complaining about the deterioration and colour fading.

The truth of the matter is that chlorine did all this damage and continues to do damage to swimwear everywhere.

Suit Saver is guaranteed to remove 99.9% of the chlorine content and odour with just one squirt. Everyone at any age or swimming level should always have a bottle of suitsaver at home and in their swimming bag. You will be thankful that you do.

The BRANDD Group can only have wished this product had been established in Australia and New Zealand years ago.